FTCE General Knowledge Test

The General Knowledge Test is considered a basic skills test. This exam has four subtests administered in the following order:
  • Essay - For the GK essay test, you will have 50 min to complete a clear, coherent essay that is grammatically correct and organized. A passing score for the essay is an 8 out of a possible 12. Two readers will grade your essay.
  • English Language Skills - For the English Lanaguage Skills (ELS) test, you will have 40 min to complete approximately 40 multiple-choice questions on grammar and mechanics. These questions assess your ability to identify errors in sentences as well as rhetorical devices in passages. Typical grammar questions on the ELS test have to do with comma placement, subject-verb agreement, pronoun-antecedent agreement, commonly confused words (i.e. affect vs effect), misplaced modifiers, etc. 
  • Reading - For the reading test, you will have 55 min to complete approximately 40 multiple-choice questions that assess your comprehension of different reading passages. These passages can be single or double passages. There are aproximately 5 reading passages on the General Knowledge reading subtest.
  • Mathematics - For the math test, you will have 1 hour and 40 min to complete approximately 45 multiple-choice questions. These problems will test your ability in 4 areas: (1) number sense, concepts and operations, (2) geometry and measurement, (3) algebraic thinking and the coordinate plane, and (4) probability, statistics, and data interpretation.

NavaED FTCE General Knowledge Resources

Our resources will help you build your skills so you can be successful on the FTCE General Knowledge Test. We have built the most effective study guides, webinars, and online courses for this exam. 

  • Study Guides - NavaED study guides include comprehensive skills review and practice in the beginning of each subtest and competency. Our study guides also include practice tests organized by competency with detailed answer explanations. The NavaED General Knowledge study guide is over 500 pages with several hundred practice problems. The full study guide for all 4 subtests is available in physical or digital form. Individual subtests are available digitally. 
  • Online Courses - NavaED online courses include the digital versions of the study guides, skills videos for each competency in each subtest, additional practice problems, and video explanations for each practice question on the practice tests. 
  • Webinars - NavaED webinars are 2-hour previously recorded courses. They include handouts the instructor uses during the course. Webinars differ from the online courses: a webinar is a straight 2 hour course while an online course has several different videos, modules, and practice tests.

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